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Company of Heroes 2 updates with Steam Workshop, free maps and Southern Fronts DLC

If there's one thing that World War 2 has taught us, it's that you should never fight a war on two fronts. Also that you should find your craziest haired citizens and put them to work doing science. But what about fighting a war on three fronts? That's just crazy enough to work, and Relic are certainly fighting a war of sorts: against the solid , but not stellar reception to Company of Heroes 2. Their three-pronged assault combines Steam Workshop support, a free multiplayer update, and new DLC for the Theatre of War mode.

I can put my feet up now, and let a platoon of trailers explain what's going on. First up, a brief look at Theatre of War expansion Southern Fronts...

...And an accompanying development diary...

It's a ten level update, bringing a selection of solo challenges and AI battles, and costing £3/$5.

A recent, and free update also introduces new content: the multiplayer maps Hill 331 and Don g River. In addition, numerous balance challenges have been made, which are explained in this video:

Finally, Steam Workshop support has arrived, creating a home for any maps created through the recently released World Builder tool. You can see the new maps available here .

Now, for no other reason than they look quite striking, here's a reinforcement of Southern Front screenshots.

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