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Chaos Reborn adds single-player mode

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Chaos Reborn

Julian Gollop's Chaos Reborn hit Steam Early Access earlier this month, without the promised single-player campaign. But now it's here, along with a couple of other fairly significant changes, and a handful of smaller ones.

Chaos Reborn is a "fast paced, turn-based wizard combat game with an RPG twist," as its Steam description puts it, in which two to four players duel one another using a virtual deck of spells and creatures. It was successfully Kickstarted earlier this year, raising more than $210,000, at least in part on the strength of Gollop's credit as the designer and programmer of the original XCOM: UFO Defense; the game itself is a reboot of his 1985 ZX Spectrum game Chaos.

The latest update to Chaos Reborn enables a single-player mode against the AI, "hot-seating" against other humans, or some combination of the two if that's your thing. There's also a new spell allowing players to summon a pack of giant rats—echos of Dishonored, perhaps—and, for a limited period, Christmas-themed graphics.

Other changes include a modification to the attack probabilities formula, reduction in some spell powers, and the halving of the Gooey Blob attack value. The addition of single-player is the only really noteworthy bit, I'd say, but if details are what you want, get them on Steam.