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Butcher DLC adds Easy mode

The problem with having the tagline "The easiest mode is 'HARD'!" is that you can't really introduce an easy mode afterwards, without either coming up with a new tagline, or making do with a now-inaccurate description. Butcher developer Transhuman Design has found a loophole, by continuing to use the above tagline, but by introducing a new difficulty via optional, free DLC.

In the base game, the easiest mode is still Hard, but if you download the judgily titled W.I.M.P DLC, the easiest mode becomes, er, Easy. You can then play sidescrolling Doomlike Butcher without having to be so terribly good at it.

"BUTCHER W.I.M.P. (Winning Is My Pleasure)," the announcement post explains, "is an easy mode DLC that will allow you beat levels only for the price of losing your dignity (if you have no dignity already, you lose nothing!)"

Here's a fun trailer:

In addition to the new difficulty, the bloody Butcher has recently been updated with better controller support, speedrun scoreboards, support for multiple save files, along with a few other tweaks and bugfixes.