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Bleszinski's 'Project Bluestreak' to get full reveal this week

Project Bluestreak PAX East 2015

Project Bluestreak, Cliff Bleszinski's long talked about FPS, will be properly revealed this Wednesday (or Thursday in Australia). The Nexon-published free-to-play shooter has long been in development, but a new teaser site is counting down to an inevitable reveal.

While the site makes frequent reference to "The Shattering" (even Boss Key's community manager refers to the project by that name), Bleszinksi has indicated on Twitter that this isn't the name of the game.

So in the lead up to the reveal, what do we already know about The-Game-Not-Known-As-The-Shattering? Well, we saw this in-engine pre-alpha footage at PAX earlier this year, and according to this interview with Evan, we know Cliff is keen on old school arena shooters. Apart from that substantial details are thin on the ground, so Wednesday should be enlightening.

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