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Black Ops 4 players won't stop turning this SMG into a damn power drill

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 features a really cool tool where players can create their own custom paintjobs for their guns. Ideally, such a system would be used to create beautiful skins like this Nerf inspired sniper or this badass sidearm that reminds me of something I'd loot in Destiny 2. But instead, Black Ops 4 players seem obsessed with making the Saug 9mm uzi look like various brands of power drills for some damn reason.

The trend appears to have started two days ago with redditor johnny_no_smiles who first realized the uncanny likeness that the Saug has with the Bosch PSB 1800 LI-2cordless power drill. Everyone had a good laugh and thought it was a clever idea for a gun skin. But I guess there exists some kind of esoteric rivalry between drill manufacturers because not even a day later redditor HplusGaming chimed in with his own Saug drill lookalike but with DeWalt branding. "DeWalt makes quality drills, c'mon now," they wrote.

HplusGaming's DeWalt skin.

The bit caught on, and over the last day several members of the Black Ops 4 subreddit have contributed their own versions of the Saug 9mm, presumably each repping their favorite brand of power drill. The comments of each of these posts is filled with players repping their favorite brand. "Milwaukee is 1000 [times] better tho," wrote 'lets-trythis-again.' Of course, being the internet, that just painted a target on this poor soul's back, as other commenters promptly stepped in to say he's wrong and that, in fact, Hilti makes the best drill—or so I thought.

"Hilti uses electronics that can only be programmed by the factory, and can’t be fixed be service centers," argues one redditor. "Even then, Milwaukee’s hold up better in every tool class."

"Bitch please, Milwaukee is absolutely professional grade," a different one fires back. "You got no idea what you’re talking about."

Meanwhile, every six hours or so, a new thread appears on the subreddit with a Saug 9mm redone as a different brand of tool and the argument reignites all over again. Black and Decker, Hilti, Makita, Milwaukee, and even Ryobi are all represented. And knowing how internet jokes work, I bet this is just the beginning.

Still, what's troubling is that I'm actually in the market for a power drill and after skimming all of these comments I still don't know which one would be the best purchase. But hey, the silver lining is that the next time someone respawns behind you and murders you so quickly you don't even know what happened, you might get a good laugh when you realize they're dual-wielding Bosch drills.

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