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BioWare teases new Dragon Age game

A new BioWare project, which we're fairly sure is a new Dragon Age game, was teased at this year's Game Awards. The short teaser doesn't show much, a few figures dissolving into ash, and a painting showing a familiar figure staring down the silhouette of a big black dragon. 

The big giveaway is in the teaser's closing hashtag, #TheDreadWolfRises. It's been a bit since Dragon Age: Inquisition came out, but you might recognize the name given to Solas, a major character and companion from that game. Called out as the Dread Wolf by Flemeth, the ending of Inquisition positions Solas as the next big bad, which in turn makes it very likely that another Dragon Age game is on the way with our old eleven frienemy at its center. 

Watch the tiny trailer above, and dig in. I'm sure there are plenty of hints that a lapsed DA player like myself glossed over. 

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