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The Overwatch Workshop has already spawned great mods

Best Overwatch Workshop codes

Welcome to our list of the best Overwatch Workshop codes. You can use these short passwords to access player-made mods. The Overwatch Workshop has only been available to test for a day and players have already made good use of the tools. They've also found creative solutions to old Overwatch problems, such as people ignoring the payload and nobody ever listening to your excellent suggestions. 

Tinkerers have been sharing their creations and the codes you need to try them out for yourself, and while most of them look fun, I've dug out a few favourites.

Since voice lines can teleport a whole group, why not turn emotes into deadly weapons? YoshiShorts' killer emote mode murders everyone around you when you pop off an emote. Use 0V9FF to check it out yourself. 

Nobody likes having to hang around the payload, but what if they had no choice? Truckermouse turned their exasperation into a new mode where the payload is magnetic. Simple, but effective: XS7AX.

Lots of the modes focus on specific characters, enhancing them or giving them new abilities. ChemicalWeather turned Mei into an ice surfer, for instance, so you can use ice to slide around the map, while Quantum-ex has transformed Bastion into a terrifying walking turret. It's truly horrifying. Use the code PT13F for Mei and 8E1CK for Bastion. 

The best of these so far, however, has got to be this Katamari Damacy mode that turns Wrecking Ball into a giant sticky orb. According to its creator, Urser, It works by stunning players and then teleporting them to your location, taking them along for a probably fatal ride.  Check it out with TQ1V4.

If you're sick of playing Overwatch from the same old perspective, there are modes for that, too. MrMisquito's top down Overwatch makes the shooter almost look like a  MOBA, and there are a few third-person tweaks, too, including this one from freuyh. They've been tweaking the script and it now has individual camera profiles for different heroes, taking into account their size. Use 7KR0G to take it for a spin.  

If you've created your own modes and tweaks, or if you've found a good one, stick the code in the comments. 

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