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Battlefield 4 retail poster reveals release date, enhanced Battlelog, first DLC expansion

And the retail leaks continue. After Tesco's unplanned reveal of CoD: Ghosts, details of Battlefield 4 have surfaced through an EB Games pre-order poster - spotted by BF4Central . It teases an enhanced Battlelog, the title of the first DLC expansion, and an October 31st release date. This is actually the second Battlefield promo spotting - Gamespot previously let slip the return of Commander mode and the sequel's three playable factions. Maybe the affected publishers need to have a whip round to raise cash for some less hole-ridden info buckets.

According to the poster, Premium mode will return, giving "exclusive" DLC access, as well as uniforms, weapons, "and more". The first - undated - expansion is announced as "Drone Strike". Presumably that won't involve an elected player from each match sitting in a separate oval office, celebrating every enemy takedown and desperately ignoring reports about collateral damage.

Battlelog will also make a comeback, with an expanded 2.0 version promising to "track every shot, every opponent, every detail of your online Battlefield career." Which sounds horrifying. It was bad enough when the first Battlelog posted about every lost match - I'm not sure I'm comfortable with the public broadcast of even more detailed and granular incompetence.

As for the release date, EB Games are an Australian retailer, who traditionally release games on a Thursday. That would suggest an October 29th release for the US, and November 1st for the UK.

See the full poster below:

Thanks, OXM .

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