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Battlefield 3 trailer shows 64-player Caspian Border map, is incredible

[VAMS id="2eek43bI01TiI"]

This is the Battlefield 3 multiplayer trailer that was just shown at the EA Gamescom press conference. It shows a war raging across the Caspian Border, a new 64 player map featuring armoured vehicles, tanks, jets, explosions and WAR. Oh my.

The footage is running on a PC. We don't just know that because of how it looks. Console versions of Battlefield 3's multiplayer maps won't be able to support 64 players . If you know anyone who's planning to pick up Battlefield 3 on a console box, kindly show them the two minutes above. It's all the proof you need that Battlefield 3 must be played on PC. Read on for some quick frame by frame impressions.

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