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Arma 3's Win DLC out now, launch trailer isn't kind to helicopters

The majestic helicopter gets a bit of a raw deal in the following trailer for Win, Arma 3's third and final piece of campaign DLC. Also on Bohemia's hitlist: buildings, and people in a rival army to the one you're fighting in. Those guys are just the worst. Win continues the story of soldier Ben Kerry, asking players to "deploy all the skills and experience they've gathered to bring the flashpoint to a resolution". They could have almost called it 'Operation Flashpoint', but I have a feeling that name might be already taken. If you own the game on Steam it should have automagically been updated by now, bringing with it a bunch of sandbox content which I'll list after the break.

It might be a little easier to win with Win, thanks to some new aircraft: the A-164 Wipeout, To-199 Neophron and A-164 CAS jet. There's also a new Tempest transport truck, which despite the name doesn't transport classic arcade games but rather medical, fuel or ammo cargo. New points of interest have been added to the map too, including an athletics stadium and hotel compound.