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Free-to-play shooter Arctic Combat contains obvious Counter-Strike map reproduction

ArcticCombat 2012-08-23 14-58-17-40.avi_snapshot_00.23_[2012.08.23_15.31.05]

The déjà vu flows strong through the beta of Webzen's free-to-play multiplayer FPS Arctic Combat. Not because of its familiar modern setting or armory, nor from hearing soldiers shout "reloading!" 20 times per second. No, the cause mostly lies with one particular map, Sand Storm, which is a very close replica of Counter-Strike's de_dust2.

Aside from slightly tweaked hallway/corridor dimensions and crate emplacements, AC's map might as well be Dust 2's neglected sibling, right down to the Middle Eastern motif and recognizable choke points. Admittedly, Arctic Combat's deathmatch-style combat fits well with Dust 2's tight corners and circular design, especially with randomized spawn points. But I'd probably get pasted multiple times standing on a bomb point wondering why my C4 isn't coming up.

Arctic Combat is in closed beta, but keys aren't difficult to obtain . This video drew our attention to the similarities between de_dust2 and Sand Storm's very close homage.