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And in other PC gaming news...

CryEngine 3 Dark Forces 2 Liverpool Nil

If you needed any more proof that internet goodwill can make great things happen, the Idle Thumbs podcast is set to return after its Kickstarter hit its goal of $30k in only two hours last night. It's now at $75k and rising. Idle Thumbs has always been one of the great gaming podcasts - a mix of commentary and humour from guys with a diverse collective experience of the industry. It's got fans in the PC Gamer office, and we're excited to have it back. Their whole back catalogue is available on the Idle Thumbs website, of all places.

Today we took our first proper look at Nadeo's upcoming ShootMania , experienced three full minutes of pre-rendered space war , and took cover as Tim's excitement for Diablo 3 surged through the office like a runed tidal wave. Rich and Graham, meanwhile, just like it when footballers lie down . Click through for the rest of today's round-up.

That reconstruction of Dark Forces 2 is impressive stuff. What classic gaming location would you like to see remade in a modern engine, readers?

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