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And in other PC gaming news...

Star Wars Galaxies - Mos Eisley Crowds

Today in the PC Gamer office, Chris Thursten came in wearing all black clothes, no, he hadn't reverted to his goth phase, he was in mourning for Star Wars Galaxies . Speaking in sombre tones, he crafted a eulogy to his beloved friend, speaking of huge battles, giant ewoks and a one final jump to light speed. I ask you now PC gamers to join me in a minute's silence for our fallen comrade.

Check inside for a bittersweet and grieving selection of PC Gaming news.

  • RockPaperShotgun say that Double Fine's Stacking is coming to PC.
  • A Redditor has spotted secret dinosaurs on Battlefield 3's Wake Island map.
  • Blizzard are introducing Battletags, unified nicknames across all Battlenetgames.
  • Shacknews report that EA are running Battlefield 3 video competition, those who record themselves doing the most amazing stunts will win a trip to Stockholm to visit DICE.
  • Massively point us to a touching farewell letter to the Star Wars: Galaxies community from Sony's Tony Tyson.

Have you ever attended the death of an MMO readers? How was it?