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And in other PC gaming news...

Modern Warfare is really rather British

When that controversial Modern Warfare 3 scene was leaked, I was less offended by the subject matter and more obsessed with counting the number of black cabs and red buses crammed into the brief scene. Now Games Radar have gone one further, meticulously categorising the huge volume of stereotypical British markers present in the picture. Did you spot them all readers? Play along at home.

Check inside for a flag waving, patriotic collection of PC Gaming news.

  • Product reviews talk about Modern Warfare 3's tactical nuke replacement. It doesn't end the game, but it does kill the entire enemy team and give you double xp.
  • Introversion talk to RockPaperShotgun about what happened to Subversion.
  • Bohemia Interactive talk to VG247 about their FADE anti-piracy tech.
  • Massively say The Old Republic is sending out a new wave of beta invites.
  • VG247 say 1 million characters have been created on the Saints Row 3 initiation station.

Well, fess up readers, how many did you get?