A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build trailer introduces the charming, chilly puzzler

A Good Snowman

Take a short break from slowly toasting in the Summer heat to appreciate this trailer for the snow-filled puzzle game A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build. It's a Sokoban-style block-pushing game, in which you must create a snowman by rolling and stacking snowballs of descending size. It's as close to the Winter months as most of us will get without resting our head in a freezer.

I've been playing about with a preview build this morning, and have been thoroughly charmed by the game's style. It's a gentle thing, that slowly but naturally evolves and expands over its many levels. As your monster creates one snowman, hedges will open revealing new puzzles, until, eventually, you start to get an idea of the game's true size.

Initially, you're just pushing pre-rolled balls of snow. Soon after, you're given three balls of the same size, and must expand them by rolling over the snow-covered squares. It's at this point you're forced to carefully think ahead—poor planning can easily result in a wrong move, forcing a restart.

I'm yet to see how the game expands out from there, but, with so many block-pushing games already available , hopefully AGSIHTB's theme will help its puzzles to stand apart.

A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build will be out "eventually". You can find more details on the game's website .