Attack on Titan 2 shows off life beyond slaying naked giants

Slaughtering weird-looking naked giant people is a tiring pursuit, which is why it's nice to unwind with some detailed character customisation, combat training and regiment administration from time to time. As luck would have it, that's exactly what Attack on Titan 2's latest trailer is all about—showcasing how you'll busy yourself between battles in Omega Force's incoming hack-and-slash 'em up.  

Named 'Town Life', the following short teases some of the game's world design, wherein the player is seen interacting with their fellow townsfolk, tinkering with their appearance, and researching fallen Titans, among other things. 

Get freaked out by the detainee's listless expression who features around the one minute mark below:

And get even more unsettled by the big headed, little bodied SoccerStarz-esque portraits that follow thereafter. Yikes. 

As we've learned already, Attack on Titan 2 will include a number of the manga series' most recognised stars, not least—deep breath—Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman, Miche Zacharias, Nanaba, Gelgar, Ymir, Armin Arlert, Christa Lenz, Levi, Thomas Wagner, Mina Carolina, Nile Dawk, Marlo, and Hitch. 

Players can sidestep that mob, though, by creating their own Custom Scouts. 

Attack on Titan 2 is due March 20, 2018.