Assassin's Creed Syndicate has crafting, here's what it involves

AC Syndicate crafting

Did Assassin's Creed Unity have crafting? I can't remember, and if it did, it was probably lost in its awful, dispiriting menus full of confusing icons, currencies and numbers. I know that Black Flag—the last good AC game—did, and crafting is returning for the Victorian London-set Syndicate.

Ubisoft has detailed crafting over on the Ubiblog, a fun word that I'm going to demand you try to say out loud three times in a row. UbiblogUbiblogUbiblog.

Can't be done, can it? Anyway, you'll need to craft upgrades to hold more explosives in your bomb pouch, more syringes in your medicine pouch and so on, in addition to making fancier clothes. Sadly you won't be able to air-assassinate an ocelot in this one, so you'll be getting crafting resources from chests and from missions instead. However, you'll also be able to use these to make your gang, the Rooks, more powerful.

"Use resources," the Ubiblog Ubisays, "to get discounts on items, bribe the police, sabotage the Templar’s carriages and weapons, make your Rooks stronger, and much more".

AC Syndicate skills

Syndicate's skill trees have also been detailed, and murdery twins Jacob and Evie will each have a different set of skills. Jacob loves punching, while Evie loves hiding—she can also turn invisible, something Phil wasn't too keen on when he played the game the other month.

AC Syndicate is out November 19, at least on PC, and Jack the Ripper is in it as DLC.

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