Assassin's Creed Odyssey update raises level cap and adds a new quest

The latest Assassin's Creed Odyssey patch lifts the level cap from 50 to 70, adds a second Lost Tales of Greece called Test of Judgement, introduces gear transmogrification and adds a "smart loot" system that supposedly nudges drops towards your favourite play style.

As detailed in the full patch notes on Reddit, you can now pick up the Test of Judgement quest from Korinth. Transmog lets you change the look of an armour piece while retaining its stats. 

In addition a new Mercenary benefits page gives more detail on the bonuses you get for fighting through each tier. The excellent photo mode has received further improvements, including contrast options, more grids, a 'hide helmet' option, fog and bloom options, more tilt and a preview button that instantly hides the UI.

The patch includes a bunch of fixes too. Weather lighting and terrain texture problems have been corrected. Expect to see less gear clipping. The most welcome fixes are listed in the 'Character and AI' section. "NPCs or animal will no longer set the player on fire" is one. My favourite: "Addressed an issue with two rogue Council chamber guards who didn’t bother guarding the location they were supposed to."

Some of the planned November releases for Odyssey have been delayed, but this week we got a new Cyclops to fight, and there's much more planned.

Tom Senior

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