Assassin's Creed Odyssey romance guide: All the characters you can seduce in ancient Greece

Assassin's Creed Odyssey is set during the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta, but that doesn't mean people from both sides don't want a sexy distraction. I mean, how else are we going to repopulate the Mediterranean after such a catastrophic conflict? Whether you're playing as Kassandra or her brother Alexios, there's almost a dozen characters you can seduce on your travels, and our Assassin's Creed Odyssey romance guide will help you tango with each of them.

Before we get started, it's important to note that Grecian lovers are easy to come by—this isn't like Mass Effect were romance is only found at the end of a long road of quest chains and dialogue choices. In most cases, the option to get it on will be fairly obvious and corresponding dialogue choices are marked with a heart symbol. Just by going out and exploring the world, you'll find characters eager to do the deed with you. That said, the payoff isn't the same either. Unlike The Witcher 3, for example, Odyssey's sex scenes all happen off camera. Still, it's fun to canoodle, so here's every willing participant we've found (so far).

Warning: Story spoilers below.

Odessa - A Small Odyssey 

A few hours into Odyssey's story you'll take a boat from Kephallonia to the nearby island of Ithaka to deal with some pesky enemies. While there, you'll see Odessa caged inside of their hideout and offering a side quest called A Small Odyssey if you free her. Seducing Odessa requires first completing a series of quests for her, starting with this one. Once you've dealt with the bandits, escort her to Odysseus' Palace and then back to her boat. Along the way, you'll have plenty of dialogue options to flirt with her. You know what to do.

Later, in Megaris, you'll find Odessa in the town of Megara with more quests for you. Handle this chain of quests and side with her when you find evidence that maybe she's not as nice as she first appears. After that, you can offer to forget both of your troubles for a bit and get it on.

Auxesia - Age is Just a Number 

Head to the Sanctuary of Delphi in Phokis and you'll find this quest given by Aurexia, an old woman with a voracious appetite for getting it on. The only problem? Her elderly husband can't keep (it) up. Help her out by gathering a bear's scrotum and some deer tongues to make ancient Viagra (don't try this at home). The bears can be found almost exactly north and a little west of the Sanctuary of Delphi near a bear den, but watch out because the alpha bear that protects it is extremely tough. Deer, meanwhile, can be found all throughout the area.

When you bring the ingredients back, Aurexia's husband will still be hesitant, letting you swoop in to take his place instead. They'll both agree that it's for the best, and you'll be treated to a hilarious cutscene as he waits outside while you get it on with his wife. Weird.

Alkibiades - Oil and Love 

You'll first meet Alkibiades while working through the main story quests which take you to a party at Perikles' residence in Athens. When you're free to wander around, go to Alkibiades bedroom and see if he has any information about your missing mother. Before he gives you the intel, he'll ask you to retrieve some oil, which you can find in the kitchen. Return with the oil and Alkibiades will tell you what you need to know but also offer to let you join in on the fun. Of course you should accept.

Alkibiades returns several times throughout the story, and after your first successful tryst he'll make even more advances at you. If you feel like getting it on again, all you'll need to do is agree.

Lykaon - Helping a Healer 

In the Chora of Delphi, found in Phokis, you'll find this side quest from Lykaon, a local healer needing help gathering some herbs—is that what the kids called it back then? Help Lykaon out by gathering the herbs from a nearby stream guarded by wolves. Once done, deliver them to the nearby villagers who need them. Returning to Lykaon will allow you to question him about his motives, revealing that he actually wants to use the leftover herbs to euthanize his grandmother who is a fraudulent oracle. Agree to help him.

From there, you'll have to complete a series of basic quests that involve investigating the grandmother's disappearance and rescuing her from a bandit camp. Once she is safe, Lykaon will appear with the intent of finally ending her life. Intervene, selecting the option "Violence won't solve anything" to persuade Lykaon that ending her life won't restore his family's honor. Once that's done, you'll be free to get nasty.

Kyra - Trouble in Paradise 

During the main story, Barnabas will give you a quest called Trouble in Paradise that requires you to sail to Mykonos to help rebels overthrow their corrupt government. Here you'll meet Kyra, who you can romance after a lengthy quest chain. During this first quest, though, you'll be party to a debate between Kyra and her current lover Thelatos about how to best deal with the corrupt leader of Mykonos. Side with Kyra to open up the option to romance her later.

After doing a series of missions for her, you'll unlock the quest Goddess of the Hunt and can find Kyra at a nearby temple making an offering before trying to kill some nearby wildlife. Join her on the hunt, respond positively when she admits her feelings for you, and before you know it you'll be making out on a beach.

Zopheras - Not My Mother's Daughter 

Much further into the story you'll head to Sparta, in Lakonia, where you can pick up this side quest to help a mother train her daughter to be a better Spartan. Zopheras is a little hesitant to receive training, just flirt with her to change her mind. After both a foot race and a horse race, Zopheras will take you to a secluded spot where the two of you can train much more intimately. 

Kosta - Family Values 

In the village of Red Lake Bay you'll find this quest from a young boy which introduces you to the local blacksmith Kosta. Offer to help Kosta by choosing the option marked "I'll make it worth your while" and then heading out to collect flowers for him. Once you return, you'll be able to let Kosta sweep you up in his rough, weathered hands for a big kiss. 

Aikaterine - An Actor's Life For Me 

Near the end of the main story, Aristophanes needs you to find his star actor who has gone missing. Head to Thespis' house to look for clues and there you'll find an Athenian guard you can coerce into telling you his location. Turns out he's just at a bar being forced to drink to avoid participating in Aristophanes' play. Convince the guards to let him go and carry Thespis home to sleep it off. There he'll ask you to bring him his muse, a nearby courtesan named Aikaterine.

She's not too far away, but Aikaterine won't come unless you kill the local guard captain who is threatening her first. Fortunately, he's next door in his garrison. Dispatch of him, and Aikaterine will offer to pay you back with a heavy discount on her "services."

Roxana - Sparring with Roxana 

On the island of Hydrea you'll find Roxana training to fight in the Battle of One Hundred Hands. It's a big deal, so naturally you should offer to help her. During these subsequent quests, flirt with Roxana at every opportunity. Finally, she'll challenge you to a foot race to a nearby hill. You don't have to beat her, but once you both reach the top the stunning view puts her in the mood to make it one last time before she faces death in the upcoming battle. 

Daphnae - The Daughters of Artemis 

In Phokis, one of the synchronization points you can climb to unlock fast travel locations is the Temple of Artemis. There you'll find Daphnae, a priestess who sets you on a mission to slay all of Greece's legendary animals, like the Nimean Lion. This is quite the involved quest that will require you to travel all over the world and reach level 40. Each time you slay an animal, though, you can return to Daphnae to make out for a bit. Kill every target, though, and she'll give you a prize better than drachmae and experience points. 

Xenia - Birds of a Feather 

You'll first meet this burly pirate while hunting for clues about your missing mother, but later you'll be able to return to Keos and take on the quest Birds of a Feather that eventually lets you get some real booty. This is quite the involved questline, requiring you to solve several tough puzzles, but our friends at GamesRadar have a great walkthrough you can follow. Be sure to flirt with Xenia every chance you get and once you return all of her hidden treasures, she'll show you one of a different sort.

That's every romance we've found so far, but we'll update this guide if we stumble into any more love affairs. If you see one that isn't listed here, let us know in the comments.

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