Assassin's Creed 4 gets PhysX support, lots of billowing smoke

I do love a bit of PhysX support. Nvidia's proprietary technomagic is great for flappy tarpaulin, windswept cloaks and... other stuff, I guess. As demonstrated by a new effect-laden video, Assassin's Creed IV: Let's Pirate Like It's 1599 has been updated with PhysX support, ensuring the game will be filled with lovely, pointless, view-obscuring smoke effects.

"Turbulence and particle effects combine to create a volumetric smoke which can be seen in pistol and musket fire, smoke bombs and chimney smoke," write Nvidia, in a description that I completely, 100% understand. "The smoke, lingers longer, has more volume, and interacts with the character and the elements, such and wind and rain. As the intensity of the weather varies, so does the interaction with the smoke."

Whatever you need to get your kicks, I guess. Let's be completely honest, though, and admit that this has no practical benefit beyond showing off.

The 700 megabyte patch is out now, and adds optional Low or High PhysX flavours. Maybe its sexy smoke will keep you distracted until the release of AC4's delayed PC version of the Freedom Cry DLC.

Thanks, DSO Gaming .

Phil Savage

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