Arma 3 video teaches you how to helicopter better

A new Arma 3 community guide has landed in a hot LZ: this time, the subject is air assaults. Shack Tactical founder Dslyexci returns to narrate the first episode of season 3 of Arma's community guides. The video gives an overview of the coordination and planning required to bring infantry into a mission zone in the best military sim around.

“Helicopters fly fast, low, and can land pretty much anywhere you can fit the rotors into,” Dslyexci says. “With sufficient helicopters or multiple flights, you can transport a large number of infantry practically anywhere you need to in a short period of time… It's a welcome option, considering the massive terrain sizes of the Altis and Stratis islands.”

Ferrying infantry to missions might sound like gruntwork to you, but it's one of the most interesting and rewarding parts of the Arma universe. Anyone who volunteers to pilot in Arma is a few bad seconds away from killing all of their friends, so prospective pilots should listen up before putting on a flight suit. Learning from Dslyexci is a valuable opportunity, because he's a master of the air taxi .

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