ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead patch adds sneak preview of Private Military Company

ARMA 2 Private Military Company thumb

The latest patch for ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead will add vehicles and weapons from Private Military Company, giving players a preview of the new features included in the expansion.

Patch 1.56 will add Private Military Company Lite to Operation Arrowhead. This adds all of the new units, vehicles and weapons from Private Military Company to the game. The models will be of a lower resolution and sound quality than ordinary vehicles and weapons, but will handle just as they will in the expansion, letting players try out the new content before laying down any money for it.

The patch also adds the ARMEX Multiplayer Armory, which dynamically generates multiplayer missions for up to eight players and includes all of the weapons from ARMA 2. The patch also makes a few balance changes and bugfixes.

The Steam version should update automatically. If you don't have the Steam version of the game then you can download the latest patch from the ARMA 2 site. There's plenty more information about Private Military Company right here . The expansion is due out later today and will be priced at £8/$10. The launch trailer is embedded below.

Tom Senior

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