Ark's Tek Tier update adds laser-equipped dinosaurs and power armor next week

Back in November, we reported on Ark: Survival Evolved's Tek Tier update, which adds cybernetic power suits and laser cannon-equipped dinosaur helmets, among other things. Now, GameSpot reports that it arrives next week.

The update launches on January 30. It comes with a bunch of new Tek Tier power armor sets, which can grant players several different abilities. 

  • Tek Vision: Identify AI enemies and creatures, in addition to players
  • Tek Boots: No fall damage and the ability to climb up steep cliffs and slopes
  • Tek Pants: Faster running speed
  • Tek Gauntlet: Punching power increased
  • Tek Rifle: Laser-shooting gun with long scope
  • Jetpack
  • Night Vision

The Tek abilities can be combined in various ways and are intended for Ark's end-game, and Studio Wildcard creative director Jesse Rapczak expects players to use them in boss encounters. Though you will need to defeat some bosses without the armor first, as they drop Element, a resource needed to construct the sets.

Boss battles have also been tweaked in the new update, with each now having three difficulties. Bosses you've already defeated will drop new items as well, so it might be worth it to pay them another visit.

One cool new weapon the patch delivers is the lance, which you can use to joust with another player, except there are dinosaurs instead of horses.

While the Tek Tier patch adds new weapons and dinosaurs, the thing that caught my eye the most is the sheep. GameSpot's video starts with a showstopper and demonstrates what it looks like when you cut a sheep's hair for wool. It looks good. Makes me want to play Ark myself.

Rapczak says this is "the patch to kick off the final stretch," which sounds like he's referring to the game's official launch. The game released in Steam's Early Access in June 2015, and the finished version is expected to launch sometime this year.