Ark's Jesse Rapczak says launching from Early Access doesn't mean the work is done

"You know, it feels weird because we still plan to work on the game," Jesse Rapczak told Steven at PAX West, speaking of Ark's launch from Early Access at the end of August. "So, it's not this big 'OK, we're done!'"

Rapczak went on to say that he considers the launch an important milestone for Studio Wildcard's dino-survival game, but there is still plenty to do in terms of bug fixes and other improvements. "While it feels good," he said, "we still feel like we got work to do." Along with improvements to the base game, Aberration is in the works, an expansion that brings survivors to a hostile alien world with no atmosphere where the safest place to be is deep underground. Aberration will be along sometime in October of this year, to be followed in 2018 but a third and as-yet unannounced expansion.

Watch the full interview from PAX West 2017 above, and check out all the rest of our PAX coverage here.

Christopher Livingston
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