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Archaica: The Path of Light is a pretty puzzler with lasers and mirrors

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Archaica: The Path of Light first piqued my interest about a year ago with a trailer showing off some pretty environments and puzzles filled with lasers and mirrors. It's just slid onto Steam, and if you're looking for something to scratch your head to it could be worth checking out.

The objective is simple: you have to rotate and move devices, including mirrors, to direct laser beams and light up all the crystals in a given level. The devices (there's 28 in total) are specific to each of the game's six realms, all of which have a varied art style that I like the look of. The transitions between puzzles look slick too, with ancient stones sliding into place and swirling beams of light shooting into the sky.

Developer Two Mammoths says there's between eight and 16 hours of puzzling to be had depending on how many optional hidden hieroglyphic slates you're willing to find—which is how you learn more about its story—and how many secret levels you stumble across.

The hint system looks promising, too, gradually steering you towards a solution if you get stuck rather than spoon-feeding you the answer.

It's the debut game from the polish developer and it's been three years in the making. For what it's worth, the handful of early Steam reviews are all positive.

If you like the look of it, it's £9.89/$13.49 on Steam (opens in new tab), which includes a 10% discount. 

There's no gameplay in the trailer at the top of this story, so here's four minutes of puzzling the team released last week: 

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