Apotheon gets free multiplayer standalone


Graecian histo-brawler Apotheon released far back in the long-forgotten age of February. It was primarily a triumph of art direction, everything painted in the style of an ancient Greek frieze. It was also a decent primer on Greek mythology that played like a Who's Who of the gods of Olympus, from big dog Zeus all the way down to that bloke who rows Hades' boat. Now, developer Alientrap is offering up Apotheon Arena: a free multiplayer variant about stabbing your nearest and dearest with an array of contextually appropriate weaponry.

Arena boasts ten maps, deathmatch, team deathmatch and team elimination modes, and will activate automatically if you already have Apotheon installed. In my opinion, Apotheon's combat is too floaty and imprecise to start spawning tournaments and Apotheon Arena diehards, but it's quick and chaotic, which tends to make for bloody good party games. It's free; it's pretty; it's certainly worth a look-in over Christmas.

Meanwhile, if you need to brush up on your Greek deities (and let's be honest, they're a hard bunch to keep track of), Apotheon is on sale for a trifling £3/$4.