Apex Legends Season 6 is the end of the line for its beloved murder train

Alongside a glimpse of Rampart's abilities, and the Volt SMG, Apex Legends sixth season is introducing some changes to World's Edge. Most notably, the train, which has been dismantled and flung across the map. Farewell, Murder Caboose.

Existing train tunnels will now be filled with individual cars that'll contain gear and loot, in hopes that players will have more of a fight on their hands when they make the trip to visit them. It's a sad day for those who love the chaotic early-match scraps that the train always promised. 

For reactions, we go to UK editor Phil Savage and former UK editor Samuel Roberts:

Choo-choo in peace, Apex Train.

Other parts of the map have undergone serious construction, including a new entrance in the rock near Skyhook and Survey Camp. Launch Site is a new area surrounded by lava, west of the Dome. Then there's Staging, which is a smaller addition close to the middle of the map. Drill Site has been replaced with a different Hammond facility called Countdown, and The Mirage Voyage has also disappeared, leaving that portion of the map looking oddly bare. 

Respawn is introducing Blast Walls to Skyhook, Lava Fissure and Train Yard—which squads can activate to fortify their position. These big mechanical walls spread quite wide across certain zones and look as though they'll give teams a huge advantage over their opponents as they defend a specific area. 

(Image credit: EA, Respawn Entertainment)

One of the major updates in Season 6 is crafting, and the trailer gives us a good idea of how this will work. An orange capsule labelled as a "Replicator" is shown, offering weapons, armour, ammo and other items in exchange for extracted crafting materials. In the trailer we see a trio interact with the capsule at the same time, before promptly taking on another squad. It's fair to expect these drops to be a hotspot for firefights.

Players interested in maining Apex's new legend Rampart will be pleased to see that her abilities look pretty strong. There's a clip of her placing deployable shields with a turret that can be used by the entire squad. Yep, that's one each! Another clip at the beginning of the video also shows her setting up a hefty turret to take on another squad.

Here's everything we know about Apex Legends Season 6, and you can check out all the new map changes here, ahead of the new season's launch on August 18.

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