Apex Legends Season 6 is adding crafting and a new Legend

Apex Legends Season 6 will kick off on August 18, as revealed by the launch trailer above. It's a bit of a crafty update, and by that I mean that it introduces crafting to Respawn's battle royale—and who better to represent crafting than a modder? The star of the trailer is the new Legend, Rampart, described on the Apex site as an "expert modder who made her name in underground fight clubs."

This probably doesn't mean that Rampart spends her leisure time making Skyrim mods. This type of modding likely has something to do with the ginormous gun she carries around, called Sheila, and the welding mask that suggests she's an engineer. Also coming to Season 6 are more items for the Battle Pass, and a new energy SMG, Volt, which you might be familiar with if you played Titanfall 2.

While Rampart looks like she knows her way around a crafting bench, you won't have to pick her to take advantage of the new crafting system. We still don't know much about how it will work, but you'll be able to find materials all over the map that you can then hammer into new gear. 

The update's been given a name, Boosted, and it'll be with us on the 18th. Hopefully we'll get a few more details about Rampart, and the new crafting system, before then.

Tom Sykes

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