Apex Legends ended Fortnite's Twitch streak in February

Fortnite had a really great run on Twitch. 11 months as the most watched game is pretty impressive. Not quite as impressive as a year, however, which it probably would have managed if it wasn't for Apex Legends, which swooped in to take the top spot for February. 

Respawn's battle royale managed to draw in a higher peak viewer number and averaged more viewers across the month than Fortnite, as well as every other game being streamed. Fortnite ended up being just a bit less popular on Twitch than League of Legends, which was the second most watched game. 

Over 670,000 people tuned into Apex Legends at its February peak, according to GitHyp, compared to around a still massive 615,000 for Fortnite, which also has a lifetime peak of almost 1.5 million. 

March has seen things flip, however, thanks to the start of Fortnite Season 8. The big update has flung pirates, ninjas, cannons, buried treasure and even a volcano into the game, and it's managed to claw back a lot of viewers. Twitch is fickle, and while Apex Legends is only a month-old, people are being tempted away by the next shiny thing. 

The month is still young, though, and Apex Legends is likely getting its first battle pass and possibly a new character, Octane, soon, bringing people back. We know they're coming this month, though Respawn hasn't offered a specific date. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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