Apex Legends emerges from the deep with a nautical new Arenas map next week

We're closing in on the final few weeks of Apex Legends' tropical eleventh season, Escape. But that doesn't mean the waters of Storm Point are quite done revealing all of their secrets.  

Emerging next Tuesday, Dark Depths introduces a lush new map for Apex Legends' Arenas mode. Dubbed Habitat, the map takes place in the caves and waterfalls surrounding a nest of Leviathans—the colossal, mountain-size dinosaurs that can be seen stomping across King's Canyon. From first glance, it looks like one of the densest arena maps to date.

"Habitat 4 was inspired by Leviathans and how it would feel to fight in their breeding grounds," Respawn wrote, describing the new map. "It represents our vision of an arena established in a natural environment, while holding true to the tentpoles of arena design. With that being said, one of Habitat 4's key features is a large waterfall. Through the passage of time it has eroded the landscape, forming trenches and terraces of varied elevation. Making this island a paradise for slides and quick getaways."

A lush jungle coast

(Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Naturally, Dark Depths also opens up a wardrobe of fishy new skins for our tropical murderbuds. It seems not even Apex is safe from carcinisation as Ash becomes a three-eyed crab, while jolly Aussie Fuse becomes the barbeque god of the sea "Broseidon". In an extremely targeted move at my entire Twitter personality, Horizon got Splatoon'd with a new getup that sees her don a pastel squid-themed scuba suit.

These skins actually leaked a little early, with unfinished versions accidently dropping in loot boxes for last month's Raiders collection event. These were swiftly pulled from the game, but if you opened up one of these items a little early, Respawn promised that they'll return to your inventory when the event kicks off for real.

Dark Depths runs from Tuesday, January 11 through February 1st, with week-long reward tracks awarding extra cosmetics and battle pass levels throughout. Skins will remain available to craft/purchase after the event ends, with Respawn noting that prices "may be reduced" after two seasons.

Natalie Clayton
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