AOC kicks off Agon gaming brand with a 27-inch QHD monitor

AOC might not be the first company you think of when it comes to gaming products, but it's hoping to change that with its new Agon gaming brand. Going forward, all future AOC products aimed at gamers will fall under the Agon umbrella, while existing solutions will be rebranded with the new moniker.

Why Agon? AOC explains it as such:

"The name Agon represents AOC’s commitment to the PC gaming segment and the spirit of competitive gaming. Agon is an ancient Greek word (ἀγών), which refers to aa struggle or contest'. The name is also intended to be an acrostic that represents AOC’s vision for Agon," AOC says.

The acrostic AOC refers to is: 

  • AOC to lead the way in gaming monitor development
  • Gaming enhanced by the latest technology
  • Outstanding performance for a competitive edge
  • New standard of gaming for users to enjoy

It's a lot of marketing hype, though it extends beyond a simple press release. AOC will give its Agon brand a social media presence and will also "create a platform for AOC and fellow gamers to interact, connect, and share gaming-related content." AOC will also continue to be active in eSports events through its Agon arm.

Summed up, AOC is serious about gaming, but what does that mean in terms of actual products? Expect a deluge of monitors in the near future. All told, AOC plans to launch no less than 10 Agon brand monitors in the remainder of 2016.

Some will be 4K displays with FreeSync or G-Sync baked in, 144Hz refresh rates, and optimized Game modes that users can cycle through using a remote. Others will focus on creature comforts such as low blue light levels, built-in headset hangers, ergonomic stand adjustments, and so on.

One of the first monitors as part of the Agon brand is the AG271QX. This is a 27-inch display with a TN panel. It has a 2560x1440 resolution at 144Hz, 1ms response time, 50,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, AMD FreeSync support, and a four-way adjustable stand.

The AG271QX will be available next month in the European market for  €599.

Paul Lilly

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