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Anno 2205: Frontiers DLC out now, adds cyborgs

Blue Byte's futuristic citybuilder Anno 2205 gets a new expansion today in the form of Frontiers. What does Frontiers add, exactly? I mean, that's quite a name to live up to. Turns out Frontiers adds cyborgs, something I think we can all agree was missing from the gleaming skycraper game at launch.

Blue Byte and publisher Ubisoft call the new high-level faction the "Synthetics", a cute name for people made out of mashed-up human and robot bits. There are also new customisation options, and three more sectors added as part of the DLC, which you can witness in all their glory in the launch trailer:

This'll be the last spot of downloadable content for Anno 2205, it seems, with the Steam description stating that "the Frontier DLC brings back elements from previous Anno titles such as multiple smaller islands in one sector and if players wish for, they can activate military conflicts in regular sectors. It’s the ultimate challenge for all players and completes the Anno 2205 journey".

So you'd better make the most of the sunny Madrigal Islands, the frosty Savik Province, and the cyborg-laden Greentide Archipelago, where players will  "awake the Man-Machine Synthetics".

I could have sworn that was the name of a Kraftwerk album.

Frontiers is out now; grab it on Steam or UPlay.