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And in other PC gaming news...

Frozen Synapse - sniper!

So how was your day? Good! Oh, us? We got a severed doll's head with someone's name carved into its neck. We thought for about half a second about calling the police, but decided to blog about it instead . Some are saying it's a "gift" from Official Xbox Magazine, but it's not. They got one too .

Today we got to look at some gorgeous gaming art and the first officially released Modern Warfare 3 screens . Minecraft got patched , too! We tested it out , and got lava everywhere.

But enough about our clumsiness with lava. what else has been going on in PC gaming today? Read on for news on Assassin's Creed Revelations, the Space Marine Collector's Edition and playing as a vending machine in Half Life.

Today in the PC Gamer office, the search for an animal mascot continues . We've also been playing Frozen Synapse, which came out today. There's nothing quite like watching your sniper one shot a man through the tiniest of gaps from the other side of the map. POW! What have been your favourite stories of the day?

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