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And in other PC gaming news...

Mythos Cake Thumbnail

Does everyone in the world love Minecraft? It seems so. Even Peter Molyneux is going on about it when he should be pimping Fable 3. We don't know for sure if Duke likes it, but he's an unpredictable chap at the best of times: celebrating the marriage of British monarchs, slapping ladies on the booty, being tardy. He's surprisingly inconsistent.

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  • Another Brink trailer has been released. This time it concentrates on objectives.

  • Fear 3 has been delayed until June

  • Interested in Battlefield's sound? You might enjoy this podcast .

  • Trackmania 2 is getting a closed beta in July. It looks awesome .

  • Minecraft has sold 2m copies ! Grats Notch.

  • Darkspore is getting released on Steam tonight.

In more localised news, I feel full, and slightly nauseous. The kind men behind Mythos sent the office a huge cake to celebrate tomorrow's release, and we've eaten a lot of it. What's the best cake in gaming? No - you're not allowed to say that one.