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And in other PC gaming news...

Portal 2 plushie thumbnail

Power to the internet. It only took about 30 minute of complaining for Notch to completely change his Minecraft mod plans. Tom's Black Ops: First Strike review didn't have quite the same effect, and that's been up for days. Weird.

But enough about the internet. Click more for today's bonus links.

  • A Brink tutorial trailer has just appeared on Splash Damage's YouTube channel:

  • A talking Portal turret plushie ? Yes please.

  • This is dumb, but amusing .

  • Look at the amazing physics behind Wolfire's upcoming Lugaru HD. Rich claims to love animals, but seems slightly aroused by that video. Hmm.

  • Aww. Turns out PS3's and PC's aren't actually that good friends after all. Very sad . (via reddit )

  • Lord of the Rings Online's European servers will now be controlled by Turbine , not Codemasters Online Gaming.

In office news, Rich managed to manipulate enough glitches to win a few games of Nidhogg at lunchtime. We don't know whether it was born from hacker's guilt or misplaced pride, but this tweet appeared mysteriously soon after. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow.