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And in other PC gaming news...

Magicka beam of death

"Hadouken!" is today's PC gaming cry of victory. We've had to wait a while, but Super Street Fighter IV is coming to PC, complete with extra characters and balance tweaks. It'll be a fairer and prettier experience on our gaming machines. Time to blow the dust of your arcade sticks.

But can it look as good as The Witcher 2? Today's screens confirm that the RPG sequel is looking quite spectacular. It remains to be seen if other upcoming games like Brink will be able to compete. Today we got to see the kind of rig we'll need for Splash Damage's new shooter to look its best.

Now for more pressing matters, like today's list of everything that's been going on in the world of PC gaming, including an inspired way of beating piracy,

  • Garry of Garry's mod enacts a brilliant anti-piracy measure .

  • RPS discover Ace of Spades , which they describe as "Minecraft meets Battlefield."

  • Stardock CEO Brad Wardell thinks Steam could be stealing development time away from the next Half Life game.

  • Super Meat Boy's level editor won't be moderated in any way. Insert rude meat joke here.

  • Duke Nukem Forever was 80% complete in 2009 , according to previous developers 3D Realms.

  • Dragon Age: Origins went down over the weekend, meaning players couldn't access the game. Arstechnica belive a DRM server malfunction was responsible.

  • AtomicGamer have a big interview with John Carmack on Rage .

Today in the office: wizards, napalm strikes and enormous amounts of friendly fire in Magicka Vietnam. Pro-tip: never fire your magical beam of death while encased in someone else's reflective shield dome. It ricochets horribly, quickly reducing friendly wizards to a bloody mash. The horror. The horror. Tell us about your most embarrassing friendly fire incidents in the comments below.

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