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And in other PC gaming news...

Prey 2 supercity thumn

Today on, we charted the rise of a new star on the StarCraft 2 scene, took a holiday on Dead Island , launched a Rift free weekend pass giveaway , and then maximised the new Prey 2 concept art , and pressed our faces against our monitors until we felt as though we were in THE FUTURE.

But what else lies in THE FUTURE? A list, that's what. A list of everything interesting that's been happening in the world of PC gaming today, no less. Read on for Ken Levine's thoughts on sex in games, news of a Mass Effect anime film and a video showing off Rage's weapons.

  • Ken Levine tells VG247 why he thinks sex in games is rubbish.

  • There's going to be a Mass Effect anime film , to be released next year.

  • The game hasn't launched yet, but there are already plans for seven years of Secret World expansions.

  • Guilty Gear X2 Reload is a completely insane but rather good beat 'em up. One of the few out on PC. It's out on GOG now.

  • How's this for a special edition? The Gamestop SE of Dirt 3 costs $300, and includes a Rally RC car.

  • The new Supreme Ruler: Cold War trailer has first in-game footage.

  • DARPA plan to use a submarine sim to crowdsource new battle tactics.

  • Operation Flashpoint: Red River has been delayed in North America for 2 months.

  • It looks as though id's upcoming shooter, Rage, will be 15 hours long .

  • And here's a clip of the weapons you'll be using for those 15 hours

  • The Escapist start a 'Just say no to Plasmids' campaign .

  • The Commodore 64 is back !

Today in the PC Gamer office, Owen made a hat out of a map. The Monkey Island special edition map, to be precise. This meant that anyone taller than Owen would be able to find their way to Melee Isand without having to resort to Gamefaqs. If you had a magical map to an in-game location on your head, where would it lead?

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