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And in other PC gaming news...

Making Music in Minecraft

What would you do with a spare £230? Spend it on your PC? Which bit of it? Or would you buy one of these lol?

We know you've got a PC at home and that you love nothing better than sitting next to/above/in front of it to play a lorra lorra games, but what about those sad times when you're away from it, on a bus, train or horse? What happens then? What do you do? Seriously, we've been sat watching the 3DS launch on CVG and wondering what the hell the point is. $230/£230 is a ridiculous sum of money to spend. What do you play on planes, trains and automobiles?

Enough about those sad times. Let's talk PC gaming news. PC Gaming news so condensed you can hardly drink it. Follow us in and take a gulp. *gag*

In more personalised and friendly news, Tim's been "tearing his hair out" trying to sort the cover our for PCG 224. Rich has been playing an extremely exciting game that we're not allowed to talk about in any detail, Tom has returned to the Nether during his Minecraft Experiment and I've been thinking about zooming into a massive SupCom match, holding space, and tilting the camera a bit. Brain-pop! What are you playing today?