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And in other PC gaming news...

Crysis Mod

Hooray! It's Friday. A great day for doing our favourite things: playing and reading about PC games. But you already know because you've read all the news posted today, along with our Deus Ex: Human Revolution Preview , and our first impressions of DC Universe Online right? Good. The world of PC gaming doesn't relent. It's a virile place packed with strong opinions. And we respect them all. Every one.

But enough about other people's irrelevant opinions. You came here for condensed PC gaming news. It's waiting for you after the jump.

In more localised news, I've been playing Team Fortress 2 with Tim, who was making a concerted effort to be extra mean to every player on the opposition, Tom Senior has been indulging in some hack and slash fun in Darksiders and Rich has been revelling in the glorious memories of "dominating chumps on our TF2 server last week". Oh, and it's the lovely Craig's birthday today - Tweet him some gentle Birthday wishes if you think he's as special as we do.

What's your favourite story of the day? Do you refute the claim that Rich could ever dominate a TF2 server? Prefer offering birthday wishes via comments threads? Let us know...