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And in other PC gaming news...

It's Christmas soon, and everybody's getting into the spirit, some more than others. CoasterBP certainly took it to extremes when he covered his house with 7,000 computer controlled Christmas lights, but we're glad he did, because otherwise he wouldn't have spent his time carefully synchronising them to the Battlefield 3 theme song. Best BABA BA BABAABA ever.

Check inside for a festively lit selection of PC gaming news:

  • Reddit points us to a very cool shatter physics demo.
  • Steam tells us Rock of Ages has a Christmas update.
  • Eurogamer report that Battlefield 3's Physical Warfare pack pre-order bonus is now available to all players for free.
  • DSO Gaming say that that the Morrowind Overhaul 2.0 mod has been released.
  • Joystiq have the full version of that Left 4 Dead fan film we previously reported on.

Do you have any game based plans for Christmas readers? Do share.