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And in other PC gaming news...

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Games eh? They can make you do terrible things . The other day Tim made a bad swear over Ventrilo . Sometimes Rich gets sleepy because he's addicted to Starcraft and blabbers incoherently; we don't understand what he's saying but there's a chance it could be evil. Last night I forgot to feed my fish until hours after their dinner time. It's all thanks to horrible, cruel games.

What's the worst thing games have made you do? Confess your sins in the comments and click more for today's bonus links.

But what's been going on in the UK office? Graham has been playing Jason Rohrer's new game, Inside a Star-filled Sky , Tom and Ed have been taking out the AI in the DOW: Retribution Beta, and Rich has been colouring in stuff.

Have a great evening, don't do anything too mean, and let us know the most evil gaming-related deed you've committed in the comments.