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And in other PC gaming news...

Payday - the Heist

Today in the PC gamer offices, Tim Edwards killed over 200 police officers.

It wasn't his fault, he was just trying to rob a couple of banks, but the poor coppers kept trying to stop him from taking what he'd rightfully stolen. So he shot them. He shot police officers and security guards, he shot S.W.A.T. team members and snipers. He even shot the occasional civilian who popped his head up at the wrong moment. He killed them all. It wasn't just him though, Tom F, Henry and I backed him up. We weren't as bloodthirsty as him, but we certainly gunned down our own fair share of five-ohs. We are bad men. If the mainstream media ever find out about Payday: The Heist, we're all doomed.

Get down on the god damned floor and give me a selection of PC gaming news!

  • The BBC report that TIGA has called on the Scottish government to establish a fund to boost the local games industry.
  • Ever wondered why Shodan and Glados are voiced by women? This fascinating article by CNN examines the reasons for the female computer voice.
  • Blizzard have produced a retrospective video on 15 years of Diablo.
  • LazyGamer have spotted a great fan made Battlefield 4 trailer.
  • Privates has been nominated for a BAFTA children's award for learning.
  • The Game Creator's Vault has an illuminating half hour interview with Chris Avellone and Tim Cain about the Fallout series.

What do you think about Payday readers? Do you feel bad about killing all those policemen?