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And in other PC gaming news...

Tau in Last Stand! This announcement was music to my ears, as I've just started collecting the little space commies myself. I love Last Stand mode and I've been desperately hoping that Relic would consider the idea of DLC heroes to expand the best part of Dawn of War 2 further. What could we see next? Gothy space elves Dark Eldar seem most likely, either that or more varieties of the inexplicably popular Space Marines. Here's hoping for something creative instead, like an Imperial Assassin. The world needs more insane fanatics so hopped up on combat drugs they occasionally explode from it.

Check inside for a grimdark future of PC gaming news.

  • ABC report on that Australian games studios are shutting down in droves.
  • Eurogamer tell the unusual tale of the man who tried to fight piracy by uploading his own pirated version of Deus Ex.
  • Massively look into Star Trek Online's upcoming event system.
  • DICE tell I GN they consider the Battlfield 3 beta a "huge success".
  • Rock Paper Shotgun let us know you can get all the GTA games for under £9 at Gamersgate .

What heroes would you like to see incorporated into Last Stand readerS?