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And in other PC gaming news...

So OFCOM are investigating ITV over claiming Arma 2 footage was a secret IRA film ? There's not actually a joke at the end of this paragraph, instead I'm just reminding you that this is a thing that actually happened. That simple fact is more hilarious than anything I could say on the subject.

Meanwhile you can enjoy a nice parody video of the entire situation. Thanks to Jon Blyth for pointing it our way.

Check inside for a selection of PC gaming news. Or possibly Arma 2. We can't tell. It looks too real.

  • A study from Rice University suggests removing DRM could decrease piracy.
  • Joystiq have some images from the Mojang documentary.
  • Kotaku have gotten hold of the Skyrim map, apparently given out at a gaming show in Moscow.
  • Massively let us know the Age of Wulin closed beta has started.
  • Sports Interactive talk to Eurogamer about DRM and piracy.
  • Joystiq do a follow up on Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure, the indie game designed by a five year old girl.

So readers, what are the best and worst uses of games on TV?