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And in other PC gaming news...

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Robin! Some people think Robin is lame, but they are wrong . Robin is cool, especially Tim Drake (although I must confess to a weakness for the spiteful snarkyness of Damien Wayne too) and it's nice to see the Batman: Arkham City Robin trailer showing just that. Even if it did do so with a really silly voice over.

I was a little worried I'd miss out on his antics due to pre-order awkwardness, but as we now know Arkham City's Robin will be available as DLC at a later date . Huzzah! No seriously, he's cool! It's the cape. Chicks dig the cape.

Check inside for a selection of bright red and green and yet still cool PC gaming news.

  • Our colleagues at Official Playstation Magazine have just launched a new website, go check it out!
  • And here's their first news link! Todd Howard tells Official Playstation Magazine that Skyrim could make you live with the children of the people you kill. That's pretty damn twisted.
  • Eurogamer say Fate of the Fortress, the new DC Universe Online update, is now live.
  • SpaceChem has been added to the Humble Indie Bundle .
  • Crytek tell Edge they're 'investigating' flash support for CryEngine.
  • Ubisoft tell Eurogamer that they're going to move away from making an Assassin's Creed game every year.

What do we think readers, Robin, lame or cool?

PS: I will totally give a free game to the first reader who correctly identify which comic I got 'chicks dig the cape' from.