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And in other PC gaming news...

LA Noire thumb

The LA Noire release date was confirmed earlier today, which is fantastic, because it means us PC gamers will soon get to experience the patented Cole Phelps interrogation method up close.

For those not familiar with the method, it goes a bit like this.

Cole: So where were you last night mam?

Suspect: I was alone at church feeding starving orphans (makes shifty eyes)

Player: Hmmn, clearly she's lying, but I don't have any evidence, so I'm going to hit the doubt button.


Player: Erk!

Check inside for a selection of shouty, schizophrenic PC Gaming news.

First some updates on that ITV Documentary that used Arma 2 footage .

  • Eurogamer say OFCOM are 'assessing the situation'.
  • The BBC have a statement from ITV, saying "This was an unfortunate case of human error for which we apologise."
  • Tim was on BBC Radio Foyle today talking about it, you can listen to him here (54 minutes).
  • John Bylth directs us to a nice parody video of the whole situation.

And now back to our regularly scheduled round up.

  • EA tell Gamespot they want customers to be free to buy DLC from wherever they want.
  • Valve's Chet Falsiek talks to Develop about Counter Strike: Global Offensive.
  • RockPaperShotgun introduces us to 2027, an ambitious Deus Ex mod that presents an alternative prequel to Human Revolution.
  • VG247 let us know the Foo Fighters will be playing at Blizzcon.
  • CVG say Shank 2 has been announced.
  • Massively tell us the Rift: Ashes of History update is live.

Did any of you guys try LA Noire on consoles? What did you think?