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And in other PC gaming news...

Starcraft Thumb

Crysis 2 eh? Turns out that the system specs aren't that high. Quandry. We're glad that we'll be running it without breaking the bank, but a bit sad that Crytek aren't breaking our machines with magic graphics. There's something satisfying about feeling the raw power of your machine vibrating through the house and warming up your gaming den. Something that only PC gamers can appreciate.

Anyway, I need to stop thinking about graphics cards, so let's move on eh?

But what about the PC Gamer UK office happenings? Most importantly, my mouse arrived, which has made me very happy indeed. It's a wonderful thing. Clicks real nice.

Lunchtime was taken up by two lunchtime Starcraft games. They were monstrous, confusing affairs, but we won both. Absolutely nothing to do with Rich 'Gold League' Mccormick. In fact, I think he was probably holding the rest of us back with all his talk of "Getting in their base and killing their dudes." He talks the talk alright.

What are you planning on playing tonight? Let us know down there...