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And in other PC gaming news...

Dead Island thumb

Tom Senior has developed some ill effects from his Dead Island review . He seems to have become obsessed with inflicting gruesome violence on people with household implements. Just today he duct taped a couple of batteries to a kitchen knife and tried to stab Owen with it. Fortunately Owen wasn't electrocuted, because physics doesn't actually work that way, and received only severe lacerations instead. Tom handed him an energy drink, it's not clear how that is supposed to help.

Check inside for a selection of nail studded custom made PC gaming news.

  • BitTech analyse the business of micro-transactions by making a graph that is too big for the internet.
  • Joystiq report that if you pre-order Battlefield 3 on Origin, you get Dead Space 2 for free.
  • Who says PC gaming is expensive? VentureBeat have gotten one of David Braben's $25 mini computers to run Quake 3.
  • CosmicLog has a fascinating article on how gamers helped scientists unravel a molecular mystery.
  • DICE's Karl Magnus Troedsson talks to IGN about mod tools.
  • Joystiq let us know that The Binding of Isaac will be released on the 28th of September.
  • CVG report that Starbreeze are working on a new game with an award winning Swedish film director.

Tell us readers, what is the best/most ridiculous weapon you've made in Dead Island?