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And in other PC gaming news...

Red Orchestra 2 thumb

Red Orchestra 2 came out today and we're all very excited about killing you in it, whether you're on our side or not , so why not join us on the PC Gamer server?

You can find us on Port 8577. Let's show those Nazis what for!

Check inside for a collection of PC gaming news.

  • Activision tell IndustryGamers that Call of Duty xp was the second most watched livestream ever.
  • RockPaperShotgun have noticed some comedy stipulations in the Red Orchestra 2 EULA.
  • Develop report that BAFTA have released a Unity based game editor for school children.
  • Bethblog has some new screens for Fallout New Vegas: Lonesome Road.
  • Kotaku report that modders have starting fixing Dead Island's bugs.
  • Massively bring us the news that The Old Republic will get same sex romances post launch.
  • The Reticule reports that the makers of Euro Truck simulator 2 could be in financial jeopardy.
  • Is Space Marine the feminist game of the year? Powered by Hate thinks so, and makes a surprising good case.

Have you tried Red Orchestra 2 yet? What did you think?