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And in other PC gaming news...


Today in the PC Gamer offices we got our first crack at the Red Orchestra 2 beta. After eagerly hopping in we found ourselves cowering behind cover, suppressed by enemy fire. Slowly we managed to get the hang of it, "Got one!" called Owen. "I killed a man! A real man!" yelped Tom Senior excitedly. Suddenly a message came over chat.

"Could the PC Gamer staff stop team killing please."

Uh oh. We thought players with red names were the enemy, but it turns out they were just allies who weren't in our squad. Sorry about that chaps.

This round up of PC gaming news is dedicated to those brave men who we accidentally killed.

  • Patrick 'DrugCrazedDropick' Rose points us to a story on Fox News asking if video games are pushing a radical green agenda... er... crikey.
  • Speaking to Gamasutra Activision's Jamie Berger says that Call of Duty Elite "Creates a social contract" and increases community respect.
  • Here's a new Saints Row 3 trailer , about the game's vehicles.
  • Fingersports have a breakdown of the stats and artwork for DOTA 2's characters.
  • IGN have 22 minutes of Kingdoms of Amalur: The Reckoning.
  • Rocksteady's Dax Ginn and Paul Crocker interview each other at AusGamers . They talk about Batman: Arkham City's depiction of Mr Freeze and The Riddler.
  • Eurogamer report that a Polish political campaign has produced an advert based on Fallout 3.

Tell me PC gamers, what is the worst mistake you've ever made in an online game?